Hifi Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Handle

Hifi Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Handle

Bluetooth Speaker,Bluetooth 4.1+EDR,40W output power with 2000mAh lithium polymer battery.

Product Details

Hifi Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Handle


On a dark winter's day I was troubled in agrypnia. At that time, temperature was below zero degree centigrade, the whole world seemed like to embed in a cold abyss, the freezing steams surrounded me in quilt,  my breath also turned to be shivery, I felt quite painful and I have no idea why and how to change.

I tried my best to fall asleep, as if it could solve my problems. Nothing worked. I once emerged a mind to consume pills. Then, when I was most difficult, I found the Hifi Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Handle, I turned it on, and I heard a melodious song. It sounded like a stream slows silently in dense forest, several birds are flying around the water. What a peaceful place, what a glamorous life. Soon I fall asleep, and made dreams in which I bought another new Hifi Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Handle.


Item No


Product name

Outdoor Passive HIFI wireless Speaker



Product Size

324*150*152 mm

Operating range

10 meters


Double speaker

Frequency response


Input power supply

DC 5v


Built-in lithium rechargeable battery


With FM radio;With handle, easy to take outside

Battery capacity


Delivery Time

7~10 days



1.Bluetooth music: With the latest bluetooth techonology 4.2 program.

2.Hands free call: you can answer/hang up phone when listen music.

3.Intelligent voice reminding.

4.FM radio model.

5.AUX line-in.

6.TF card playback.

7.USB flash disk function.

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