3 new uses of Bluetooth speakers

- Sep 11, 2015-

1, car hands-free phone
Not all lovers have a car with Bluetooth technology. Such in the course of running, answering phone calls a lot of inconvenience, while answering the phone, not only against the traffic rules, the driver and the car is dangerous, although sometimes these may be common. But if you have with hands-free Bluetooth speaker, just put it simply supported, put on your car's dashboard or seats. When you are driving is and you have a hands-free car phone.

2, portable sound system
Have you ever experienced in Jaleo occasions, need to talk loudly or talk? Maybe you can speak loudly to aid the companion, or you want to take care of the children, a gaggle of crying. Now no longer in the noisy sound of shouting, keep your sweet voice and let Bluetooth speaker instead of you to do the "coolie" live, general Bluetooth speaker with 3.5mm audio input interface, insert the corresponding microphone, it becomes a Portable PA system.

3, Bluetooth receiver
You may have a good home theater system, but not equipped with Bluetooth technology, can not be achieved to listen to the music? Instead of buying something new to replace it, as long as the Bluetooth speaker from the auxiliary output interface to connect an audio input line to your home theater system, Bluetooth speaker is the home theater Bluetooth receiver, make your home theater into wireless, it is convenient to connect your iPhone, iPad and other devices in the music.

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