Bluetooth speaker has no sound this method can be solved!

- Sep 27, 2018-

Bluetooth speaker has no sound, this method can be solved!

1. Check if the Bluetooth driver of the computer is installed correctly. Right click "Manage" on my computer and click "Device Management" and then click "Universal Serial Bus Control". If there is a small yellow exclamation mark in front of the driver, please go to the official website to download the correct driver or use the driver wizard automatically. download.

2. After confirming that the driver is correct, right click on the small speaker in the lower right corner of the computer and select “Play Device” to select “Play” tab. You will see the connected playback device.

3. Select “Bluetooth Headset” in the playback that appears. Then click “Set as Default” below and click OK.

4. Place the mouse on the small speaker in the lower right corner. You will see the small speaker on this display as “speaker(bluetooth): 100%. The sound is already output to the headphones.

5. Open a sound file for testing and confirm that it is correct.

Solve the computer Bluetooth headset connection is successful but no sound


You must confirm that the driver is installed correctly. If the driver is not installed correctly, the method may not be successful.

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