Bluetooth speaker usage tips

- Jun 01, 2018-

Bluetooth speaker usage tips

machine is opposite to the ambient temperature, so that the reduction mode of the reducer reaches the best point, and the replayed sound is optimal. BeSound's rugby sound has the shape of a football and can be carried around. Specially designed angle changes allow the best audiovisual effects in every corner of the music playback space.

Six, speaker connection

1. Do not indirectly connect the satellite audio to the input of the power amplifier, first connect the satellite audio and high speakers, and then connect the high speakers to the power amplifier.

2. Do not use broken or worn wire, otherwise it will cause fragment damage.

3. Before connecting, please close your amplifier and cut off the connection with the AC power outlet, otherwise it will cause fragment damage. 4. Do not indirectly connect the high speaker to the TV unless it has a discreet or full-channel reduced input.

5. Do not let the exposed speaker cables touch each other. This will damage the amplifier.

Seven, the normal temperature of the speaker / Bluetooth speaker

The normal task temperature of audio equipment should be 18°C~45°C. Too low a temperature will reduce the sensitivity of the machine; if the temperature is too high, it will burn the component easily, or cause the component to delay aging. Audio equipment should avoid direct sunlight, but also to prevent close to heat sources, such as heaters, refrigerators and so on.

Eight, the machine should be used

Commonly used can extend the life of the machine, such as some parts with a motor (recorder, CD player, DVD laser disc player, etc.

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