- Nov 05, 2015-

Technical Comparison

From a security perspective,Bluetooth has a better transmission privacy . WiFi speaker can easily be disturbed under a number of users, music sync unstable and prone to lose packet . The combination of advantages of both technologies will solve the problem for bandwidth, power and connection of wireless audio. Compared with the Bluetooth technology, WiFi data transfer rate higher, 150M bandwidth fully meets the lossless music, HD video transmission no loss of detail and break off both ends of the waveform, distortion does not exist, and better antiinterference, can match the quality of higher audio CODEC, for better audio indicators, and can pass through the wall, it is deemed as the ideal technology to achieve high-quality wireless music playback. Of course, WiFi is not perfect. From a security point of view, Bluetooth has a better transmission privacy . At the same time, Bluetooth is also showing a tendency to move closer to WiFi. Bluetooth technology began to get involved in IEEE 802.11 since Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 specification is expected to go through highspeed data and low speed data channel to go through Bluetooth. The latest generation of Bluetooth 4.0 technology has increased the data transfer rate to 24Mbps, the transmission distance is extended to 60 meters,enough to meet the lossless transmission needs. Bluetooth 4.0 lowpower version is to reduce power consumption by 90%. Overall, Bluetooth 4.0 audio devices and ower power consumption, the advantage in the portable audio player market, will become intelligent terminal standard peripherals; and then in the advantages of WiFi networking solutions, home entertainment, audio systems engineering, high quality cloud music is its force points.

Cost comparison

Compared with the technology, the cost is the biggest obstacle lies in WiFi speakers application
atpresent. WiFi speaker programs need to adopt a CPU (costing $ 12 to 14 For checking passwords IP address) or at least one MCU; while Bluetooth speakers without any plugin, as long as the overall cost of USD3. Bluetooth speakers currently on the market can be sold for USD8/ unit, while price of WiFi speakers is still as high as USD160.


Comparison about pushing solution


Bluetooth and WiFi speaker push the music in a radically different way. For example, if you use Bluetooth speakers to play QQ music content, the first step you need to do is firstly download data to the mobile client, mobile audio decoding for the second step, the third step is to transferred decoded audio files to Bluetooth speaker, this is a passive player. If you play the music through WIFI speakers, with WiFi transmission protocol, you only need to transfer sound file link , WiFi speakers will automatically download music files directly in the speaker terminals to decode and play music.This difference makes the WiFi speakers respond faster when playing higher quality documents occupying many more bandwith. And the current mainstream online music service cloud support WiFi transmission protocol. Furthermore, WiFi speakers can achieve interconn ection with other home electronic equipment supported by WIFI, simultaneously connect several devices to switch between devices is also very simple, unlike Bluetooth speaker has a cumbersome pairing procedures. If you increase the operating system, WiFi speakers can also independently choose a song, sing operation, without relying on mobile phones.



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