Electro acoustic noun interpretation

- Sep 11, 2015-

1, pure tone: it has two meanings:
(1) refers to the instantaneous sound pressure with time sinusoidal wave;
(2) to have a clear single tone of voice.

2, pitch: refers to the lowest frequency components in complex tones.

3, the frequency is higher than that of overtone: complex tone pitch components, the frequency may be integer multiples of the fundamental frequency, also can not. Various musical instruments with different playing methods can produce quantity and different intensity of the harmonic components, even with the same pitch can also has a different timbre.

4, sound: a mechanical wave propagating in an elastic medium, originating from the vibration of a sound body. Acoustic range for 20Hz-20KHz frequency higher than 20 kHz acoustic ultrasonic wave frequency below 20Hz sonic infrasound, ultrasonic and acoustic wave can not cause hearing, only frequency between the two sound waves to hear, we put to hear sound waves known as sonic or audible sound. High power loudspeaker

5, sound field: refers to the area in which there is sound waves in the medium. Different sound sources and environment can form different sound fields.

6, loudness: also known as the "volume", a feeling of ear volume. Depending on the sound intensity, frequency and waveform.

7, sound: also called "tone", mainly determined by the amount and relative amplitude of each harmonic. 

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