HIFI stereo system and the relationship between the hearing

- Sep 11, 2015-

HIFI stereo systems, wireless audio, audio signal processing, power amplification system, sound through the front of the system to deal with after enlargement, to promote sound system HIFI speakers, it replays the audio quality, and the cause of the human auditory system. Both the HIFI stereo, audio or wired connection, adhere to the following rules, which is between the two signal inputs in different ways, to the user's experience is different.

In General, human auditory system of sound induction frequency is 20-20KHz, vocal spectrum 150Hz~4KHz, spectrum 40Hz~18kHz of various music, average spectral energy distributions for: bass and bass-the largest, treble in second, tweeter part at least, vocal energy focuses on the 200Hz~3.5KHz of the frequency range. These random peak signal amplitude than the average 10~15dB.

Therefore, to correctly release these random signals, ensure the replay signal sound beautiful, HIFI stereo systems (wireless audio, HIFI plus Bluetooth power amplifier HIFI speakers) must have a wide frequency response, and enough sound pressure levels and dynamic range, and high efficiency electric power into sound pressure sensitivity.

Bass: 20Hz~200Hz if bass fullness, the sound will become rich, conversely, weak roots.

Bass: 200Hz~600Hz, this band is the tonic of vocals and instruments, if this channel sound full, it will appear more rounded timbre, Dynamics; if the lack of sound becomes weak empty tone spread high and low sounds are not closed.

Tweeter: 600Hz~6KHz, this band is relatively sensitive to the human ear band, it affects the clarity of tone and brightness.

High range: 6KHz~20KHz if the frequency harmonics amplitude full tonal personality expression-good, sound analytical ability. But not too much.

To sum up, bass guarantees the full of sound, bass-ensure the round of sound, ensure sound clarity in the treble, treble ensure sound resolution. A good of HIFI Bluetooth audio system as a played Office, violin and piano with played, bass, guarantee some instruments has better of shock effect; in the bass, can makes two species instruments played Shi different notes of smooth sex; in the treble, guarantee you can put two species instruments same notes clear separate; treble, can let you difference what sound is violin issued of, what sound is piano issued of.

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