How do I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my computer?

- Jul 06, 2018-

How do I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my computer?

Because the computer itself comes with a speaker, but the effect is incomparable with the speaker, then how to connect the Bluetooth speaker and the computer? Let's learn together with Shenzhen Haixun E-Commerce.

1. The newly purchased Bluetooth speaker needs to be charged for 5 hours for the first time. After charging, it can be placed at will, which is very convenient.

2. Turn on the power switch of the Bluetooth speaker first, and press and hold the Bluetooth function button (with Bluetooth logo) until the device makes a “beep” sound.

3. Then, use the Windows+E shortcut to bring up the Explorer → open the computer's control panel.

4. Control panel → hardware and sound.

5. Devices and Printers → Add a Bluetooth device.

6. Because the Bluetooth function of the Bluetooth speaker is already turned on (note that if you have paired other devices before, pairing the new device again, the old device will be invalid).

7. Later, the device model of the Bluetooth speaker will appear → click on it (otherwise the next button is gray, not set), then click Next.

8. If the device does not appear, you can press and hold the Bluetooth function button of the Bluetooth speaker again. At this time, the prompt that is connected to... will appear.

9, add success → close.

10\ Finally, don't forget to turn on the sound of the computer. If the sound is abnormal, you can refer to the following experience article to exclude it.

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