How to buy Bluetooth speaker

- May 26, 2018-

Bluetooth speakers are now more and more people understand and accept, then how to choose a suitable for their own wireless Bluetooth speakers! Now Bluetooth speaker in the early development stage to see the brand is basically no reference value, depends on performance, performance is cost-effective is king, which is outdoor use is a Bluetooth speaker is the best performance, wide adaptation. You should pay attention to these points when purchasing Bluetooth speakers:

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1. Endurance is the key, you will not only have an outdoor trip for only three or five hours, then you don’t just walk a few steps and you don’t even have to listen to a hair! After going out, I still have to think about saving electricity. I am afraid that there is no electricity. There is no power for music outdoors, so I think this is the key. The bigger the battery capacity, the better.


2. To be waterproof, drop protection is very important in outdoor play will inevitably be the next rain, fall and bump touch, waterproof rating depends on their standard IPX level 1-10 higher the more powerful, whether there is a certificate.

  3. The volume size, here we should pay attention to the purchase of skills, here to share points of experience, do not choose which kind of outdoor speakers do not what kind of speaker, we all think that small and convenient to carry, do not know that it is a Chicken ribs, outdoor murmurs and more what kind of small speaker is no use sound and small noise, no enjoyment, and short life. So when you buy and then the volume can be accepted under the circumstances as far as possible to select two speakers with bass vibration disk speakers, sound great sound quality.


4. To say that a problem that people do not pay attention to is the Bluetooth chip. This is also very important. Most people do not understand or do not pay attention. The chip is related to the product's performance stability and sound quality. So far, the CSR chip is better. , Note that we try not to buy the kind of Bluetooth and card speakers, because the kind of multi-function chip is very poor, it is easy to go wrong.


5 is the portability and versatility, a speaker is best able to meet the portability, a number of different environments, such as: climbing can be used, beach camping, cycling, walking, home use, etc. are available that is perfect.


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