How to deal with the imbalance between left and right channels of audio system?

- Sep 11, 2015-

Often Advisory WISTAO technology technician, if there is a left and right channel unbalanced, that any treatment? This is a relatively complicated issue, it involves sound, audio cable, amp, HIFI speakers, as well as personal factors such as subjective listening. Without regard to personal subjective listening condition, when left and right channel is out of balance, the following tips can exclude one by one.

1. first check the potentiometer is not unbalanced volume is rotated to any position. 1) about if this is the beginning of the imbalances should be potentiometer problem. 2) if imbalances should be anywhere else.

2. Sitting/standing in the middle of the fixed (not before), the family quickly replaced the speaker cable around from the output terminal of the amplifier switch, speaker end temporarily fixed.

1.) if it is the same, is the problem of speaker wires and speakers, will be replaced by speakers around the (speaker cable do not move). If offsets should not be speaker problem, more likely is the treble part if there is no offset, and check that the speaker cable is the problem.

2) If changes occur after you replace the speaker cable, should be the power amplifier or an audio source problem

3. signal cable to replace (swap)

1.) if there is a deviation, should be a source of problems, check the audio source.

2.) if there is no offset, should be the power amplifier or signal line issue. Check amplifier, amplifier is, around swapping tubes.

In the 2nd, and one possibility is that the speaker setup problem.

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