How to use Bluetooth speakers

- Jul 27, 2018-

How to use Bluetooth speakers

1. First turn on the Bluetooth speaker switch and try to see if there is any electricity. Generally speaking, if there is electricity, there will be a tone when the switch is turned on.

2. If there is no response, it may need to be charged. We find the line that comes with the sound. The line has three heads and has two different functions.

3. We plug the smaller trapezoidal connector into the stereo and plug the other end of the USB connector into the computer to charge it. If there is a power adapter, it can be plugged into the socket for charging. The lamp will flash when charging.

4. After charging the battery, we can try again to open the switch. If it is normal, it can be used. First experience the Bluetooth function. We can pair it with a mobile phone. Press and hold the play button on the stereo to switch to Bluetooth mode according to the voice prompt.

5. Then turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, find the audio device, and connect with it. After the connection is successful, the audio will give us feedback. At this time, we will find a song or video on the mobile phone to play, and the sound will be sent from the sound. This method can also be tried on computers with Bluetooth drivers.

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