How to use portable Bluetooth speakers

- Jun 20, 2018-

How to use portable Bluetooth speakers

Directly insert the memory card or U disk into the Bluetooth speaker.

1. It is the use environment. Try not to place it in direct sunlight, and do not place heavy objects on top of the Bluetooth speaker to avoid deformation of the casing. Also pay attention to the portable Bluetooth speaker's ambient temperature, the normal ambient temperature of the general speaker equipment should be 18 °C ~ 45 °C, the temperature is too low will reduce the sensitivity of certain components such as tube machine.

2. It is turned on and off. Some split-type portable Bluetooth speakers should turn on the main sound source such as a CD player when they are turned on, and then turn on the speaker unit; when the power is turned off, the speaker unit must be turned off and the main sound source must be turned off. When turning on the power amplifier, turn the volume switch to the minimum to avoid momentary loud volume damage to the speakers.

3. It is volume adjustment. When using a portable Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music, you should avoid turning the speaker's volume up to the maximum when it is turned on. Because the components of the speaker have not gone through the warm-up phase when they are turned on, the larger volume will make it work at full load in an instant. The components are damaged and in the long term this will invalidate some of the internal fragile speaker elements.

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