Human auditory characteristics

- Sep 11, 2015-

Directions to sounds to the human ear, loudness, timbre, tone and sensitivity is different, there is a big difference.

1, a sense of direction: human ear on sound propagation direction and distance, location of discernment is very strong. Ear the auditory characteristics called "sense of direction".

2, loudness: for small voices, slight increase in loudness as long as the human ear can be felt, but when the sound reaches a certain value, the even larger increase, feeling no significant changes to the human ear. Often times the audible frequency is divided into 3 parts to determine the relationship between low, medium and high audio segments. That is: the bass in the band 20Hz-160Hz, audio 160Hz-2500Hz, high audio segment 2500Hz-20KHz.

3, sound sense: refers to the sound to the human ear has a special hearing on the comprehensive experience. Sound Blaster

4, focusing effect: the human auditory characteristics are available from a wide range of voices to focus on one point. As we listen to the Symphony, concentrated his energies and listening to the violin's sound, and other instrumental music was inhibited by the cerebral cortex, so hearing you feel the pure sound of the violin. The inhibition capacity varies, often listening exercise ability strong, we called the human ear the auditory characteristics of "focused effects". Do more exercise, can improve the human hearing for a spectrum of sound, quality, resolution and level of ability.

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