Micro speaker sound principles and the role of magnet

- Sep 11, 2015-

1, mini speaker magnetic circuit forms the magnetic gap, in full Uniform magnetic field (magnetic flux density and direction of the same size).

2, micro-vibration system by wire around the virtues of Horn ring tone ring and vibration connected with the film.

3, after the voice coil is fed into the signal voltage, current, voice coil cutting the magnetic field lines, forces drive the diaphragm moves up and down, orchestrated diaphragm air sound accordingly.

4, the entire process is as follows: electro-acoustic conversion.

Speaker, literally understood, Yang: Yang, issue the meaning of sound: sound devices: devices, combine to make a sound device. But as we all know, speakers do not in themselves to pronounce, it is to pass it to signal current current when signals sound signals, so it is realized through the transformation of energy, so the speaker refers to convert electrical signals into sound of electro-acoustic transducers. Speakers power conversion fidelity, decided by the speaker's performance.

Mini speaker magnet in speaker plays an important role, with magnet for voice coil provide a permanent magnetic field. Many characteristics of Alnico speakers, particularly sensitivity, has a big impact. • Magnet material · Ferrite is currently most commonly used, resistant to oxidation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low price. Drawback is that larger, fragile. Usually with barium (BaO.Fe2O3) iron and strontium (SrO.Fe2O3) two types. · Alnico AlNiCo magnetic performance, small size, good temperature resistance, but because of the low coercivity, generally were thicker in size · Rare earth materials · Main representative is NdFeB, is widely used in the mini SPEAKER, has a small (very thin), strong magnetic energy (10 times as long as ferrite) special advantages, such as, but its poor temperature resistance. As technology continues to progress, and temperature resistance problem has been solved.

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