Talk about the prospect of mini-audio market

- May 22, 2018-

Talk about the prospects of the mini-audio market. However, due to the continuous advancement of technology, the current Bluetooth speaker has long since got rid of the inherent sense of “quality of sound”. The market has produced a large number of Bluetooth portable speakers with superior sound quality and rich functions.

    The Bluetooth speaker creates a particularly great convenience for smart phone customers. No matter if it is a party or outdoor sports, it can play music anytime anywhere. Compared to traditional wired speakers, the Bluetooth speaker has no cables, is convenient to carry, and does not need to be plugged in. There is no need to troubleshoot the front-end and other advantages. It is more flexible to use and can adapt to many situations of use. However, at the same time, limited to Bluetooth audio transmission and speaker volume, Bluetooth speakers have particularly large limitations in sound quality.

 An excellent Bluetooth speaker can maintain a small size, high quality speakers, proper internal design and high-level tuning, so that the product holds a good sound quality. The origin of "Bluetooth": Bluetooth technology was introduced by a communications company in 1994. It is a well-known Ericsson company. At that time, it was used as an alternative to the RS232 data line.

    Organized literally, "Bluetooth" is the blue tooth, that's right, you guessed it! The original English name was "Bluetooth." There was no translation of the second kind. The term “Bluetooth” came from the individual leaders of Northern Europe in ancient times. Because this leader often eats some fruit, the teeth stained with the color of the fruit. It is said that he is eating blueberries. Is it impossible to verify this?

 At the end of this title for the wireless technology, people think of the use of "Bluetooth" this name what is a Bluetooth speaker: Bluetooth is a wireless transmission technology that can achieve when the short-range data exchange of multiple devices, such as everyone's smart phones, this The best advantage of technology is wireless transmission, and the other is short distance, because the transmission power does not need that big, but also saves electricity. Bluetooth speaker is this technology should be used on the active speaker, after this wireless transmission technology, the smart phone, computer or PC on the digital audio transmission to the speaker, it will reach the unrestricted wireless music player Bluetooth speaker among them: Regular Bluetooth speaker, built-in Bluetooth receiving mode, is responsible for receiving the digital music information line number brought by the transmission. After decoding, the digital information line number is changed to create the information line number, which is then reinforced by the audio amplifier, and finally the speaker is pushed to make a sound. .

     Talking about the future of the mini-audio market, many Bluetooth speakers are portable so that a rechargeable battery is required. Obviously, there are some Bluetooth speakers that have a lot of functions, such as playing, receiving, and inserting cards. The built-in mode will be many.

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