The distinction between open and closed headphone speakers

- Sep 11, 2015-

According to the Headset transducer type classification, mainly dynamic mode, electrostatic and magnetic type etc.. Separate way from structure, semi open and closed. From the wear form is ear, ear and headband.

Open the shell of the headset is open, open type headphone quality is light, sound natural, no pressure. Because it is open, sound leakage, external noise will enter. Semi open headphones are open to the opening of the headphones, that is, only to open to some of the frequency of the other frequency is closed, or in a certain direction is open in other directions is closed.

The enclosure of the enclosed type of headphones is closed, preventing the outside sound from entering, reducing the sound leakage, and using many of the professional monitoring. Sound is generally very clear, rich in detail, low frequency response is very good, for the majority of people who are closed type headphones wear a sealed only.

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