Type of passive speaker

- Sep 11, 2015-

Most passive speaker, can divide for column type (usually a 0.6m to 1.5m high, about main channel), bookshelf type (0.35m to 0.6m, shelf support and shock), satellite box (less than 0.35m, in addition to the main channel speakers). Generally, the larger the box, the better the bass, the largest box of the bass can reach 27 -3dB, and the lowest frequency of the organ is 27.5 hz. Most of the low frequency of the column type speakers can reach 40 Hz, the bookshelf type speaker can reach 55 hz. High frequency on the general column type or bookshelf type speaker is not a problem, it can do very little, so you see the speaker of the high unit, compared with the bass unit, its volume is small; and the bass is required by the "heavy low sound box" to strengthen. For speakers, there is no good speaker and bad speakers of the points, at any time is a performance price ratio. For general consumers, in the purchase of speakers, you need to know about the cost, the size of the room, the room is placed in the home (hard or soft), the type of play music, as well as the size of the speakers, the smaller the stereo speakers, need to be equipped with "heavy low sound box", has been to strengthen the bass effect. Some of the perfectionism may not agree to increase the weight of the speakers, think it can not be a good combination with the stereo speakers, they may think that the earth is flat, but the actual situation is that the weight of the sound box through the main speakers and other sound field.

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