what is the frequency range Headset horn?

- Sep 11, 2015-

Frequency response range refers to the headset can be run out of band width, excellent headphone frequency width of up to 5hz-40000hz, and range of the human ear hearing only 20hz-20000hz. Worthy of note is the standard to define the width of the frequency response is different, for example to below the average output rate of 1 / 2 or less than 1 / 4 as the standard, which is obviously not the same. Manufacturers in general is an output amplitude reduced by 1 / 2 as the width of the standard measure frequency response, that is to say in order to-3db as the standard, but due to the difference of the testing standards, some of the products is to - 10 dB for the measurement of. This is in fact equal to lower than the normal value of 1/16 for the standard measurement. The frequency response width broadening. Users in the purchase, should pay attention to the frequency spectrum of different brands of Headset may have different standard test.

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