When using the speaker should pay attention to what the problem

- Jun 28, 2018-

When using the speaker should pay attention to what the problem

Bluetooth speaker in the use of a Note: For the new purchase of speakers we like a new car like a run-in, that is, the speaker industry in the "wing machine", only after fully run-in, the speaker can play its potential. Because the speaker's internal important part “speaker” is the key component that determines the sound quality and service life of the speakers, and the speakers are mostly composed of reinforced paper cones or bulletproof cloths. The new speakers are generally rigid and need to be softened, so the speakers must be clicked. Only better and more durable. Many people have found that speakers need to be heard better for some time.

Bluetooth speaker in use when the second considerations: the use of places: any sound to the maximum sound, there will be broken sound and other phenomena, so the volume up to 8 achieved almost the same, originally this audio power is 40W, if the general It is more than enough for a family to use 100 square meters of space. If you put it on a square or in a large classroom, it must be the power it can't afford.

Attentions when using bluetooth speakers III: To prevent large-signal burst shocks: Generally there are the following situations: First, because the potentiometer switch was not rotated back to the lowest or someone else mis-operated the potentiometer after the last listening, The sound is at a loud volume, causing a big signal impact. The second is that there are sudden large dynamic pieces in music. In order to emphasize the contrast, these fragments are mostly weak before the big dynamics arrive. At this point, if there is no preparation, turn up the volume, and the big dynamic signal will easily damage the horn. Such as explosions, drums, thunder and so on. The third situation is that when the sound works normally, the signal cable and the power cable are suddenly dialed and plugged. At this time, a large current impact will occur, and the speaker is most likely to be damaged.

Bluetooth speaker in the use of attention four: usually pay attention to standard operation: listen to the first check whether the wiring is correct, the potentiometer position is too large. When starting, shutting down, restarting, etc., the speaker volume should be turned down to a minimum or the power should be turned off to prevent large inrush currents from damaging the speakers. Active speakers on the market, although nominal power is very large (even exaggerated to a few hundred W), but that is not the actual power, generally dozens of W even large. Therefore, when using, do not work for a long time at a large volume, otherwise it is easy to damage the power supply and amplifier circuit. The bookshelf speaker should be prevented from accidentally colliding and dropping from the tripod. It is best to stick a few pieces of double-sided tape on the bottom of the box. After the speaker is used for a period of time, the terminals of the speaker cable will be oxidized more or less. This layer of oxide film will greatly affect the contact state, so that the sound quality is reduced. The user applies the detergent to clean the contact points so as to maintain the best connection state. .

Notice when using the Bluetooth speaker 5: Avoid using in harsh environments: Various parts of the speaker such as wood veneer, paper cone, treble film, overhang, centering bracket, adhesive, voice coil, etc. Most of them are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. The temperature is too low or too high will affect the stability of these components, such as the temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius, the edge is easy to become brittle, if you open a large volume, it is easy to cause the edge of the broken. If the temperature is too high above 40 degrees Celsius, the voice coil is overheated, causing sound degradation. Therefore, the speakers should be kept away from the places where sunlight shines, beside the radiators, and temperatures below zero. The influence of humidity is also great. If it is too dry, the veneer outside the speaker will burst, and the thick wooden box is also prone to cracks. The solution is to purchase a humidifier or clear water in the room. If the humidity is too high, the cones are prone to mold and the sound is weak, and the wiring is easily oxidized. The solution is to put some desiccant and desiccant in the room. In addition, the speaker dust and clean is also very important, do not listen to the speaker is best to add a dust cover, the speaker surface cleaning can use a towel, warm water, wring dry and wipe, but you must remember to wait until the water is dry before boot .

Note when using the bluetooth speaker 6: Placement is emphasized: First of all, the speaker should be placed in a place away from direct sunlight, and beside the radiator and low temperature places are not suitable for speakers, otherwise it will cause the cabinet The surface blisters or the aging of electrical components, not to place the speaker in a humid place for a long time, so as to prevent the voice coil from rusting or moldy. Also, do not place the speakers too close to the CRT monitor. Because CRT monitors are too delicate, even anti-magnetic horns will have a certain impact on the display. In the same way, the speakers must be kept away from strong magnetic fields. If the mobile phone is close to the speakers, the speakers will make noise when they are called. Secondly, in order to save space, we usually place the speakers under a computer desk or stack them together. This is extremely unscientific. Even the best sound card plus high-end speakers will not have good sound performance in this case. Not to talk about the positioning of the live sound field. The correct method should be: Place the monitor centered symmetrically (take the ordinary 2.1 speakers as an example). And to ensure that the speaker speaker is on the user, the subwoofer is not strong because of the direction, the location can be more flexible. For speakers that are often loudly lit, it is best to use a floor stand. Do not place the speakers directly on a computer desk (especially a subwoofer) to avoid distortion caused by resonance with the computer desk.

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