Which Bluetooth speaker is better

- Dec 20, 2018-

Which Bluetooth speaker is better?

1. Bluetooth speakers suitable for use at home, the color or size should be suitable for yourself, the other is the sound quality or style

2. The function of the Bluetooth speaker, the distance of transmission and stability, and whether it can expand more functions.

3. The length of the Bluetooth speaker is ideal, and whether there are two speakers built in the sound size of this product, whether the product is anti-drop or dustproof.

4. Whether the bluetooth speaker is played in the wild or in a quiet place or in an open place, is it a gathering of the sound, not scattered.

5. Bluetooth speaker peripheral material, is it very comfortable feeling, anti-sweat, non-slip, waterproof

6. The volume of the bluetooth speaker should be large. Look at this elegant, not hurting the eyes, fresh feeling, portable, multi-functional and waterproof, dustproof and easy to carry.

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