WiFi and HiFi audio products will become the mainstream -expectation of audio products at CES

- Dec 14, 2015-

WiFi and HiFi audio products will become the mainstream -expectation of audio products at CES
As the world's most famous summit for digital products, from 1967 till now , CES has become the fair for major manufacturers to demonstrate new products, digital enthusiasts to understand the latest developments of industry . With increasing attention by people for audio products, the comprehensive development of audio technology , audio products has become an important sector of major electronic digital products at CES. In 2016 CES ,what audio products we will see , let us forecast the future development trend of audio products at the coming 2016 CES , what audio products will be presented .
With the development of new technologies, in 2016 CES, especially among audio products , WIFI speaker , based on the network broadcast, will become an important part of this year's CES, like some of the international big-names, or well-known Chinese audio manufacturers, we believe they will present latest wireless wifi speakers or the most important speakers . Among the headset products , I believe the coming CES will continue the tradition of last year, manufacturers will present high-end HiFi headset ,simultaneously will show new technology. Like the highly acclaimed AKG N90Q among Asian CES will occupy overwhelming attention at USA CES , but like some domestic headset manufacturers will continue to follow the new technology combined with good sound to improve their visibility.
High-end audio products, still will attract highest attention at CES this year , but those products with new technology will attract much more attention from consumers.
The CES is slightly different, in 2016 CES , some audio products manufacturered by domestic brands,  in a way, will seize the attention of many international big brands, such as well-known manufacturers such as EDIFIER, HiVi , etc , will bring us their new products. As EDIFIER E255 will be launched in the coming 2016 CES , which will convince consumers, domestic audio products not only pay more attention to the sound , but also shape the appearance to international style.
In addition to EDIFIER ,  if HiVi would present new products in this show , M240 will definitely become the the first choice of desktop speaker, though it is developed on the basis of M200 series, besides stick to perfect sound effect of M200, it introduces a wireless Bluetooth playback feature that allows the desktop play become easier , and this is the only way for old well-known manufacturers, that is to ensure the improvement of overall quality ,to combine with latest technology, to create a better and more conducive audio solutions for users.
Among the coming CES, WiFi speaker will definitely become the most eye-catching spot , this emerging wireless solution is more suitable for audio enjoyment at home, just like a cardiac for audio products manufacturers. It is based on home WiFi network, listen to online music by sharing cloud music , though the connection still seems complicated, but a lot of users show a strong interests in, and intend to buy their first WiFi speakers.
As a new wireless audio product, WiFi speakers need to connect router at home , the reason why it casts uses’ favor , in large part  , results from rich online resources, diverse and more interactive. In the coming CES , in addition to traditional international big-brands,  such as BOSE, SONOS still will show us benchmark product for WiFi speakers, domestic manufacturers will present products closer to consumers and our lives.
DOSS and other well-known domestic brands who focus on application of new technologies will show us their latest product, besides one- key connection which simplifies connection procedures, other integration products applied with voice connection and  smart home will be witnessed at the coming CES.
In fact, after we forecast prospect of the domestic audio manufacturers and emerging WiFi speaker system, the speakers cast overwhelming attention in the CES is some big brand high-end HiFi audio products, such as the latest earphone by AKG, latest electrostatic earphone T1, STAX by beyerdynamic ,etc. must be the representative among audio products in CES.
But when we talk about the audio products at CES which might catches the biggest concern, we believe it must be Sennheiser's Great Ormond 2 generations. Orpheus electrostatic headphones Sennheiser headphones is the dream of every earphone player, the emergence of second-generation products creates a headset bright extravagant dreams for consumers. The application of the best leather and micro German fabric provides users with a feeling of extreme comfort, the platinum film 2.4 micron thickness and the kind of cool boot mode will make headphone enthusiasts completely crazy.
Of course, the selling price at RMB350,000 limits the headset a super-luxury to a handful of people. But in the coming 2016 CES , we will unveil Sennheiser's Great Ormond 2 generations, it definitely will be one of the audio products catching the overwhelming attention

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