A Single Candle To Support The Running Of The Bluetooth Speaker

- Sep 11, 2015-

Recently, Indiegogo appeared on a very innovative products --Pelty Bluetooth speakers. Pelty is taken from the Perle effect (effect Peltier). In the speaker's interior, the designer has installed a thermoelectric generator, which means that the heat generated by the candle can be converted into electrical energy.

Pelty Bluetooth speakers are not used by ordinary speakers of plastic materials, but the use of ceramic, wood, glass. Such a combination is not quite tall on it?

It is reported that the ordinary version of the Pelty price of $269 (equivalent to about 1677 yuan), the designer plans to raise $100000 as the starting fund. But as of now, the project has raised more than 5000 dollars of funds, after all, Pelty how to look like a luxury.

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