Active Speaker And Amplifier Type

- Sep 11, 2015-

The volume of the active speaker is generally small, generally 2, 2.1, or 5.1. For 2.1 or 5.1 channels of desktop speaker system, the power magnified portion of usually placed in heavy low sound box, through wired or wireless connection to the signal to be transmitted to the left and right channels, or rear, mid channel, wireless connection of general connected via Bluetooth or 2.4G technology. Internal power amplifier, the general use of integrated power amplifier IC, such as TDA2030 or LM1875 and so on. And to achieve greater power output, the use of power amplifiers such as large power amplifier, such as high power transistor or field effect tube, high power HIFI active speaker, to get enough gain, the general will signal for the first stage amplifier, low noise operational amplifier to collocation circuit, such as RCA4558 better use of NE5532, etc.. Some in order to obtain a better sound quality, the first class will use the electronic tube (bile duct) to constitute the first class, with the electronic tube of the "bile" taste to smooth digital signal "digital flavor", so that the sound wave increased more even harmonics, because the ear is more pleasing to the ear. And wireless Bluetooth speakers, the general use of Bluetooth module as a signal receiving part, according to consumers' preferences to join the first class amplifier or electronic volume balance circuit, power amplifier class D class amplifier, the output power of 2 3W x to 2 15W X or 2 30W x, meet the needs of different environments. And for the purchase of the active speaker, and passive similar, in addition to the consideration of the above factors, relatively simple, but still need to equipped with an audio source such as a wired or wireless, fixed or movable, speakers use.

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