Apple Corp To Recall Some Of The Beats Portable Speakers

- Sep 11, 2015-

August 18th afternoon, according to the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine official website news, Apple Corp today submitted a recall plan, will be recalled in August 19th since January 2014 sales of imported Pill XL Beats portable speaker products. According to the company's statistics, the number of affected products in the mainland of China is 2965.

Apple Corp have been identified, in a very few cases, the Pill XL Beats portable speaker inside the battery may overheat, may cause mild damage or loss of property, there are security risks. Within the scope of the beats portable speaker for the recall, apple request a consumer free to return the products, and according to the consumer choice provides equivalent to 2050 yuan a full refund of the apple store vouchers or electronic transfer.

Apple Corp in its official website to consumers announced the impact of the product and return process information, consumers can also through the customer service hotline 4006272273 for consultation.

In addition, the Apple Corp will contact the distribution and retail partners, which requires the return of any remaining inventory to the Apple Corp to stop the sale of the product.

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