Bluetooth Audio Brand Rankings

- Nov 29, 2018-

Bluetooth audio brand rankings

Bluetooth audio is a kind of speaker equipment that was born at the end of the last century. It was originally proposed by Silezhi. And its emergence has also made our life more convenient, so it has gradually been loved by consumers. So today, by Jin and Rui Xiaobian to list the Bluetooth audio brand list for everyone, tell you what brand of Bluetooth audio is good.


Brand introduction: BOSE is a speaker company founded by Amar G. Bose in 1964 and the largest speaker manufacturer in the United States. With the changes of the times and the growth of brand popularity, BOSE gradually turned to the audio industry, and with its unremitting efforts, it has created more than 400 new products.

Brand origin: United States

Founded: 1964

2, Philips

Brand introduction: Philips is an electrical appliance company founded in the Netherlands in 1891. It enjoys a high popularity in the world. Its products are sold to more than 100 countries. It has the world's top R&D team and many patent projects. Up to 80,000. Today's Philips production base is also spread all over the world, and its product range is numerous.

Brand origin: Netherlands

Founded: 1891

3, JBL

Brand introduction: JBL is regarded as the world's largest speaker company in the top ten Bluetooth Bluetooth audio list. It was established in 1946 by JAMES B LANSING. At that time, the company developed the JBL PRO series, which once became a collection of music enthusiasts around the world, and at that time almost no brand could match it.

Brand origin: United States

Founded: 1946

4, the rambler

Brand introduction: Edifier is a sound brand established in Guangdong in 1996. It is praised as “the second largest multimedia enterprise in the world” and has a high reputation in the international market. Moreover, in the 22 years since its establishment, the quality of the products has always been put in the first place, so it has a good reputation in all kinds of media audio products.

Brand origin: China

Established: 1996

5, Libratone

Brand introduction: Libratone is a sound brand established in Denmark in 2009, and has been committed to the development of unlimited audio equipment for many years, so its Bluetooth speaker products are also among the top in the world. The most well-known ones are Zipp, Loop, Live, and Lounge.

Brand origin: Denmark

Established: 2009


Brand introduction: In the top ten Bluetooth bluetooth audio list, DOSS has obtained the certification of Apple. It is a technology company established in Shenzhen in 1999. Its most famous is its audio products, which is known as It is one of the representative brands of domestic audio. With years of research and development experience, the brand has successfully developed more than 30 patented technologies, and each product launched is also praised.

Brand origin: China

Established: 1999

7, sound engine

Brand introduction: Sound engine is a sound brand founded by Dave Evans and Brady Bargenquast in 2006. In the same year, they withdrew the first AudioEngine5 series audio, and quickly gained the majority of enthusiasts with high sound quality and cost performance. The love is also the brand that has been recognized internationally.

Brand origin: United States

Established: 2006

8, Sony

Brand introduction: Sony is a large multinational group established in Japan in 1946. The world's first Walkman is made by Sony, and it is a leader in the world of audiovisual, video games, communication and so on. The presence. And it has been on the global Forbes list many times, each time in the top ten ranks.

Brand origin: Japan

Founded: 1946

9, millet

Brand introduction: In the top ten Bluetooth bluetooth audio list, Xiaomi is a smart phone Internet company established by Lei Jun in 2010. It is also one of the most well-known mobile phone brands in China, and has many fans in the world. Today's Xiaomi is not only limited to the development of mobile phones, but also has been involved in computer and audio and digital products, and has achieved very good results.

Brand origin: China

Established: 2010

10. Skullcandy

Brand introduction: Skullcandy is a headset and accessory type company established in the United States in 2003. It mainly focuses on the development of noise-reducing headphones, and with its bold and unique design, it has quickly gained the favor of young people. In the process of gradually expanding the brand reputation, the variety of products has also been enriched. In addition to its world-famous headphones, it has also developed the highest-end Bluetooth audio.

Brand origin: United States

Established: 2003

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