Bluetooth Keyboard Or Authorization

- Sep 11, 2015-

It is understood that Apple's official website recommended iPad specifically with the keyboard is not Apple's own brand, but Logitech's products. The keyboard in the United States, Suning and other mainstream line of Apple store channel is not sold, the reporter is not easy to find in the four layer of the computer city, Logitech counters, but can not try, whether it is not suitable for. Finally, the reporter in the friendship store in the electrical appliance store to find the product, although it can be tried, but its price is more expensive than the computer city of nearly 60%. "Some try, sell expensive; parity, which allow consumers not knowing why it is so natural" into a helpless position.

"Similar to these peripheral accessories, Gome, Suning and other stores have to ensure that 30% of the premium rate, to ensure that 5% of the profit. If you do not do this, they simply do not sell these products." Insiders said that for this kind of professional strong product, the consumer is best in the purchase of the previous three.

At present, the market has several Bluetooth keyboard, one of which is designed for iPhone and iPad. This keyboard can only be used in the apple family of tablet PCs and mobile phones, and other systems are not compatible with smart phones. The other is the "winner" of the keyboard, not only supports apple iOS, also, Android system. In fact, matching flat-panel computer keyboard is not so easy to find, input whether delay, smooth, life time in typing etc. are worthy of attention.

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