CES 2016 Exhibition Preview

- Dec 28, 2015-

With the end of of 2015 and the approaching of 2016,the International Consumer Electronics Show CES will be unveiled on January 6,2016 in Las Vegas again.As the most important consumer show,what is presented at CES indicates the new market trends.This time, robots,automation technology,virtual reality are hot.Now let’s take a look at what is worth our expectation!


Although mobile phone is a common thing,it is still essential for consumer technology.In 2016 CES exhibition, perhaps Samsung,LG,Sony,several vendors worth attention,they usually exhibit some of the cutting-edge design and material selection.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Preview

You may recall that in the 2015 CES show,Samsung quietly unveiled Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge,it is not a surprise that there was no exposure to the media.But based on this situation,we have reasons to believe that Samsung will also come up with the next generation of new machines Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge at this year's CES inside a secret room at the exhibition center.Earlier foreign media reports,Samsung Galaxy S7 might be applied with dual pixel camera sensor to replace the traditional phase focusing,while Galaxy S7 is likely to carry sensors use this technology.In addition,according to Galaxy S7 concept machine propaganda video exposed by SAMMOBILE,S7 improvements in the design are appreciated by most people.


LG G Flex 3

Perhaps the biggest draw of LG at CES 2016 is Web OS platform and 8K standard definition big TV,but its curved screen phone LG G Flex 3 deserves expectations as well.Currently,LG G Flex 2 uses a new generation of flexible OLED screen,the maximum bending angle is up to 90 degrees,more deformable than the LG Flex.It is said ,on the basis of previous two generations configuration,LG G Flex 3 will take Qualcomm Xiaolong 2K 820,1440 × 2560 screen,wireless charging technology,in addition ,the rear camera is up to 20.7 million pixels,front camera is 800 million pixels.

CES is not the main arena of mobile phones,after all,there will be MWC in Feb.

Next Generation Processor

Qualcomm,Nvidia and Intel

Processors may seem not so sexy,but whet it reminds you the smart phone owes its performance,to a large extent, to processors,you might cast much more attention on it.In 2015 CES exhibition,NVIDIA,Qualcomm introduced Tegra X1 and Xiao Long 810 processor respectively.So in the exhibition next month,we might witness the electronics products run on Xiao Long 820 and Tegra X2.Besides Intel’s Atom processor might be in the column. 


2015 CES presented some unforgettable tablets,so does 2016 CES.In addition to some appealing products,iPad Pro and iPad mini 4,normally Samsung will present many more Galaxy series of tablet PCs to iterate existing products instead of brand new products.

Wearable device

The 2016 CES,we are likely to see a healthy tracking smart watch,such as Samsung Gear S2,Moto 360,LG G Watch Urbane LTE, fibit,etc.,they will bring rapid iteration and updates.Wearable devices are more concerned about fashion effect by consumers,however,speaking from the perspective of science and technology,in the view fact of fitness tracking accuracy problem,this industry would like to embrace a healthy tracking bar with accuracy.

Virtual Reality

As a hot technology in recent years,technology,major manufacturers race to develop virtual reality,on the coming CES show ,all kinds of VR products will be presented.As we all know,the three mainstream virtual reality devices Sony PS VR,HTC Vive,Oculus Rift will be listed in the year 2016,they will participate in CES 2016.It is predicted that,visitors will be able to see the practical application of these products,games and other aspects of presentation.Currently it is certain that,HTC will showcase newly developed version Vive,which is the version closer to consumer version.

In addition to these three mainstream products,we can also expect more,such as digital cameras,including film and television,creative design and other areas of the product.


Smart car

Smart car,autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles prototype concept,etc be presented at CES.Although Apple Car in the news will not appear,BMW,Ford,Toyota,Hyundai,Volkswagen,Audi booth are growing bigger and bigger, variety,function,theme electric vehicles are on the road.It is reported that the smart car product will occupy 25% of the booths at CES 2016. 


As the world began to regulate UAV,we can imagine its rapid development.As increasingly popular aerial,submarine shot tool,UAV has lower and lower threshold for the useage,draws the users'attention.It is said UAV manufacturers will also accelerate technology upgrading, and improve function.It is reported that,GoPro is likely to release its first UAV at CES 2016.


Another major highlight of CES 2016 is the technology run on robots,its exhibition space is up to 71%.It is reported that the robot field will have about 20 business groups to participate in the exhibition,to introduce them throughout the commercial production,health management,interactive entertainment field increasingly intelligent and powerful robot technology and products.





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