Et N New Solar Bluetooth Speaker: For Mobile Phone Charging

- Sep 11, 2015-

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers endurance is always a problem. In recently, well-known manufacturer of peripheral et n launched a a solar powered Bluetooth speakers, so that users do not have to worry about the speaker suddenly no electricity. What's more, the new product Et n can charge the mobile phone.

The speaker belongs to the Et n Soulra series, called RuggedRukus. As the name suggests, this is a designed for outdoor use, the design of the speaker, and it has IPX-4 protection ratings can resist spills and 1 m soaking. RuggedRukus solar panels not only for its power supply, but also for the built-in battery charging, full of time to provide 8 hours of playing time. So even if it is cloudy or overcast days, the user can still enjoy the music.

In addition, the body of the RuggedRukus also comes with a USB interface, can be used to give the user's mobile device to charge, which also makes it become a portable solar charger.

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