Function And Material Of Earphone Horn

- Sep 11, 2015-

(1) the frame body of the earphone
Is the installation of vibration parts, magnetic circuit and other parts of the body.
Stand by the material can be divided into: steel and plastic, steel plate material for SPCC, steel material thickness of 0.3~1.2MM stamping forming, the surface is usually treated with colored plating, electric black, to be rust. Plastic material for ABS or ABS plus fiber to increase the heat resistance and strength, PBT, etc..

(2) the Chinese division of the earphone
In the magnetosphere loop, washers and the U-shaped iron the magnetic effect, they can n of the magnet very with S pole through the loop to gap, strong magnetic field in the gap, and voice coil of the rolls is located just in the middle of the gap, so the diameter and thickness of the iron sheet is very important. China's material is SPCC, the general surface of the five colored or galvanized.

(3) U cup, T
U iron, T iron, the magnetic effect in the magnetosphere in caroline. U iron should actually be known for yoke, the English yoke, according to its shape can be divided two U-shaped yoke and T shaped, from Figure 2 we can learned yoke in the magnetosphere loop (with oblique line for the magnet).

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