Mini Speakers The Design Is Simple And Clear

- May 10, 2017-

Now the pace of life is getting faster and faster, people like a row will not stop the same train has been running forward. Perhaps a lot of things are in progress, are more scientific and technological, but those classic will never fade. Today, very fruit Jun to bring you a, see as if to see an era of speakers.

Mini speakers, generally refers to the size of the market now small, easy to carry a class of speakers, many speaker brands have the production of mini speakers, its biggest feature is to support TF \ SD card smart decoding or connecting laptop, mobile phone and other Audio device playback. Has been a number of institutions known as the audio industry music angel.

With the continuous development of technology, audio products become more portable, mini speakers came into being, for a variety of portable electronic products to provide loudspeakers, allowing users to get rid of the annoying with headphones and let friends share the effect of sound, and It can plug in ear as MP3 use. And with the development of time, various brands of mini-speaker form more and more diversified, small and beautiful become the biggest feature of the mini speaker. Mini speakers are generally card can be broadcast songs, you can listen to the radio, there will be some other auxiliary functions, such as lighting, call, hearing aids, etc. These are mini-speaker function of a diversified development trend. In the development of mini-speakers at the same time, accompanied by the increase in various brands, have appeared Edifier, see, San Bao, collar show (DGSHOW) dozens of mini speaker brand, in the near future the development of mini speakers will be more Fire, the market will continue to grow.

Small size, easy to carry, cool shape, trendy fashion, personalized color with fresh and natural. Size specifications of the largest not more than football, the smallest size of the egg;

Set the amplifier, battery, dual speakers in one, the first patented technology "telescopic expansion resonant cavity" to solve the mini speaker resonant cavity narrow problem, breaking the decades of speaker size specifications, compression to the limit;

Do not need a long audio cable, no external power supply, whether it is high mountains and rivers of fresh rhythm, or passionate DJ dance music, can be vividly demonstrated! Everything else, just for anytime, anywhere, free to enjoy;

Simple and clear design, easy to use. Use USB1.1 or 2.0 standard interface power supply and audio input, free drive USB interface plug and play, fully compatible with WINDOW 95 98 ME 2000 and XP operating system. PC, mobile phone, PSP, Walkman, MD, Mp3, Pocket PC, PDA, Mp4, Repeater, iPod, mobile phone and other equipment; 3.5mm stereo audio input interface link notebook,

Mini speakers only need to connect with laptops, mobile phones and other equipment, no power supply, you can play wonderful music. Some speakers are equipped with a large capacity inside the lithium battery, the product can play 10 hours of music. When the speaker battery is dead, we can connect the USB port and the computer to charge the battery.

Mini speakers mainly by the speaker, cavity, amplifier composed of three parts.


The loudspeaker (speaker unit) is one of the weakest devices in the mini speaker device, and it is one of the most important components for the mini speaker effect.


The cavity is used to eliminate the acoustic short circuit of the loudspeaker unit, suppress its acoustic resonance, broaden its frequency response range and reduce distortion.

Power amplifier

Amplifier mainly by the inductors, resistors, capacitors and other passive components of the filter network, the band of audio signals were sent to the corresponding band of speakers to reproduce.

In fact, is the miniaturized combination of sound, compared to the home theater suit, mini-combination of audio is characterized by miniaturization, the common mini-combination of sound by the various playback equipment and power amplifier integrated into one host with two speakers. Mini-sound composition is also divided into different forms, some mini-speakers and even speakers and the host can not be connected together, the main purpose of doing so is easy to carry and move, take up a small space, so this mini-combination sound also called bed sound; And some with a number of speakers, the purpose of doing so is more prominent sound of the environmental effects, this sound in order to facilitate the placement, but also may use wireless technology to connect the host and the various speakers.

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