Portable Speaker History

- Sep 11, 2015-

In the transistor did not ask the city before, sound or speakers are not portable, you may also from the film and television works to see those antique electron tube radio, or with a horn type loudspeaker phonograph, are generally placed in a corner of the room. Now the volume of electronic products and compared, can be described as "a big witch", then a relatively simple function of the computer, a building is so big. With the application of the transistor, the volume of the product becomes smaller and smaller. In the 1950s and 60s, Sony is the transistor technology enables the radio began in the United States a gun and opened the market of the United States. And then developed can be said to be portable speakers "originator" of innovative products, "Walkman (Walkman), it is to tape media analog sound. The appearance of the CD disk, marked the advent of the digital age, "0", "1" era, it greatly improved the sound reproduction of the sound quality, because it uses non-contact signal reading technology, CD to avoid the same mechanical wear and tear, so as to avoid the distortion of the signal source. Later in the network era, around the last century, the industry found a CD 640M disk, only 10 to store the first track, that is, the capacity of the CD disk is limited and not easy to transfer between the network, so the development of music format - MP3 format, so that the music is not affected by the quality of the premise, the same track, such as CD format may have a few trillion, after compression MP3 format is easy. During this period, a CD disc media "Discman", a portable CD player, with Headset to listen to music. With the MP3 format file appears in the MP3 player, but also a portable music device, but also need to listen to headphones.

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