Speakers The Components

- May 17, 2017-

  Speaker is the terminal of the entire sound system, its role is to convert the audio power into the corresponding sound energy, and it radiation to the space.

It is an extremely important part of the sound system, because it is responsible for the electrical signal into an acoustic signal for the human ear to listen to such a critical task, it should directly deal with people's hearing, and human hearing is very sensitive, And the complex sound of the sound has a strong ability to distinguish.

Because the human ear is the subjective feeling of sound is to evaluate a sound system sound quality is the most important standard, therefore, can be considered that the performance of the speaker level of a sound system playback quality plays a key role.

 speakers Home speakers are generally used for home playback, which is characterized by delicate soft and delicate, the appearance of more refined, beautiful, sound pressure level is not too high, to withstand the relatively low power. Professional speakers are generally used for dance halls, karaoke OK, theaters, halls and sports venues and other professional venues. General professional speaker of the higher sensitivity, sound pressure high pressure, good strength, to withstand power, compared with the home speaker, the sound quality is too hard, the appearance is not very delicate. But in the professional speaker monitor speakers, the performance and home speakers are closer, the appearance is generally more refined, compact, so this monitor speakers are often used by home HI-FI sound system used.

 speakers is an important part of the entire sound system, the value of the whole system about half of the time to be properly treated.

① Avoid placing the sun in direct exposure to the place, do not close to the thermal radiation equipment, such as stoves, heating pipes, etc., do not put in a wet place.

② Before connecting the amplifier to the amplifier, the amplifier should be cut off to avoid damaging the loudspeaker.

③ with the amplifier feeder connection should be safe, can not be pulled when pulled, positive and negative polarity can not be wrong. The feeder to connect the speaker should be thick enough, should not be too long, so as to avoid loss and damage to the damping. To the frequency response to the maximum value of 0.5dB (0.75mm2 wire maximum length of 9cm, 1.5mm2 wire maximum length of 14m, 2.0mm2 wire maximum length of 21m.

④ It should be noted that the impedance of the loudspeaker is suitable for the recommended value of the amplifier

⑤ shall not exceed the rated power use. Otherwise the sound quality will deteriorate, or even damage the speaker.

⑥ shell should be soft, dry cotton wipe, do not paint furniture wax or benzene, alcohol substances.

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