The Voice Coil In The Earphone

- Sep 11, 2015-

The voice coil in the headphone speaker can be said to be the speaker's heart, but also one of the important components of the speaker. The voice coil is conductive, in the magnetic field within the Department, Fleming left motion, drives the vibration plate effect. The main material is firstly coated with a copper wire, an insulating layer, and a rubber coated with a.

This gel is the resurrection of the alcohol gum, when the wire is stained with alcohol, will be sticky, so as to make the copper wire stuck together in the formation of the coil. Basically the adhesive properties and paper tube coated material similar. And the paper tube, the requirements of different temperatures, the adhesive coating is not the same, especially in high power will produce a high fever, plastic is more stringent requirements. In order to reduce the weight of the voice coil, the inner part is then wrapped in a layer of copper wire, insulating glue, through practices such as wire.

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