Voice controlled Bluetooth speaker

- Sep 11, 2015-

Recently, in the smart phone market is relatively depressed SONY launched a new smart digital devices. Dubbed BSP60 Bluetooth speaker, the appearance of the lovely shape stay Meng, and also can support calls, voice and Bluetooth speakerphone function, together and see it.

This SONY BSP60 uses a lovely circular design, and in the appearance of the traditional alarm clock design, plus two cute and stay Meng big ears". More funny is, the two "big ears" can stand up, a colorful light. At the same time these lights can also follow the rhythm of the music flashing, which makes the BSP60 look more cool.

In addition, this time SONY BSP60 also collocation LCD screen, can be used to display calls to remind, short message, broadcast directory, etc.. At the bottom of the fuselage, also equipped with roller design. Although it is not sure that BSP60 can run with the people. But for the time being, the greater role of the roller is probably to adjust the direction, to ensure that the BSP60 can clearly hear the voice commands.

SONY BSP60's fuselage with a total of six different buttons can be operated. Which includes two "big ears" and four buttons on the fuselage.

As mentioned previously, the SONY BSP60 is worth mentioning is the voice control function. A series of operations can be performed by a simple command of a voice command to BSP60. For example, music schedule and even broadcast weather forecasts are be nothing difficult.

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