What Brand Of Bluetooth Speaker Is A Good Sequel

- Dec 13, 2018-

What brand of bluetooth speaker is a good sequel

5. Listen to familiar music.

Because the sound quality of CD recordings is very far-reaching, there are times when it is so good. Therefore, when you listen to and listen to speakers in the audio store, it is best to bring a few more well-recorded CDs. In this way, you can hear which ones are on the CD recording and which are held by the speakers. Because of the different levels of different sound recordings, some are stronger and weaker, so many different types of sound recordings must be used to try and listen more, so that the difference between the instrumental sound and the human voice and the actual sound can be compared.

Six, pay attention to coordination and matching

Speakers also have to coordinate with the listening room, audio equipment and listening to interest. If the room is small, it is not appropriate to have a large floor-standing speaker. Because it will make the room too bright and the bass will not be released. Conversely, if it is a large room, then the application of a pair of small speakers will feel the lack of sound and the power is not enough.

The power amplifier that purchases the speakers should be "powerful". The speaker sensitivity indicated by dB is an indicator in this respect. The higher the sensitivity, the louder the speaker will be when given the input power. However, sensitivity is only one aspect. The power output of the power amplifier, the size of the room, and how much volume you usually use to listen to music are also important factors. Generally speaking, when viewing music, it is enough to have a uniform output of 10W for the amplifier. For most home theaters, each channel of the amplifier (not counting the subwoofer channel) can have 40W to 100W. The power is enough.

As for the matching of speakers with other audio equipment, there is also a "door-to-door" requirement. If the original audio equipment is relatively high, such as Hi-Fi audio equipment of 10,000 yuan or tens of thousands of dollars, then it is necessary and necessary to spend a few thousand or even 10,000 yuan to buy speakers. If the original audio equipment is only general equipment, then with the high-end speakers can only be the light of the dice - 枉 effort.

Seven, should be heavy and not heavy

First of all, let's talk about the sound quality. Everyone knows that the bass is hard to find, so it should be more heavy and not heavy. It is better to be less. Too many basses with distortions seem to be very enjoyable for people who don't know how to do it, but they don't bother to look at them, because they will be tired and prone to fatigue. Therefore, such a speaker can not be bought.

Let's talk about the detailed speakers. It should be borne in mind that the speakers are not the more expensive, the better, and the bigger the better, the better the small speakers are designed and manufactured. Because of the high-quality speaker units and devices, the performance is more than some. The high-end speakers of the low-end unit are better. The small speaker is similar to the "point sound source", and the sound image positioning is also more correct, which is more suitable for use in a small or small listening room.

In addition to the most common electric speakers, there are other types of speakers, each with its own characteristics, such as High-End flat-panel magnetic speakers, electrostatic speakers, band speakers and mixed-design speakers.

Eight, not anxious and willing to spend more time

Generally speaking, a bite can not be eaten. Screening speakers can't be anxious, and it's almost impossible to determine the benefits of a pair of speakers in 3 to 5 minutes. It takes a lot of time to apply a wide range of music to listen to as many speakers as possible. It is both informative and has increased the level of listening and commenting, which is of great benefit to the selection of speakers. Bring a lady or invite a friend to listen, but it’s not a bad idea to come out, but you can’t listen to others without your own opinions.

Nine, compare at the same volume

Psychoacoustics indicates that when people are listening to a speaker, most of the speakers that mistakenly think that the sound is louder are good speakers. Therefore, it is ruled that the comparison should be made at the same sound level. When listening to the audio store, you should also try to compare the sound level as much as possible. If necessary, you can even buy a sound pressure level meter to test. This kind of watch is a useful tool and will be used in the future when debugging a complete set of speakers for home theater.

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