What Brand Of Bluetooth Speaker Is Good

- Dec 05, 2018-

What brand of Bluetooth speaker is good?

As the saying goes: "It is a horse, you have to pull out!" The speaker has to be put out to listen, to listen to the basis, choose the speaker! Here we mainly introduce the purchase of speakers in the stereo and stereo system. As for the front main speakers, center speakers, surround sound boxes and subwoofers for home theater, although there are other emphasis on the selection criteria, Still meet the following criteria, that is, any speaker that can play back good music, naturally will be good when playing back movie music.

First, the tone is naturally balanced

First of all, the sound reproduction of the speakers should be real. The vocal and instrumental sounds replayed should be as close as possible to the original sound and not too distorted. In this respect, perhaps the main criterion is that there should be a correct pitch balance. The sounds heard should be smooth and silent (should be remembered that most speakers will always drop in low frequency response), the strongest and weakest sounds (peaks and valleys) that are not heard. The mid-range and bass should not be too bright or squatting and cannot be opened. You can find some instrumental music (such as piano music) with a wide frequency range to record. Pay attention to the changes in the tone when listening to low, medium and low steps. Speakers in the speaker cabinet are well-coordinated, and the cabinets and crossover networks are well designed and have good scattering characteristics. The sound effects are much better than the speakers with some disadvantages. For example, when you can always hear the woofer as if you were playing alone, you can be sure that this speaker has some problems. Bluetooth speaker manufacturers

Second, the sound characteristics

Although the overall sound characteristics of the speakers are crucial, good speakers should also have good representations in the following special occasions:

Frequency equalization: You can listen to the sound of different frequency bands in sequence. The bass you hear should be compact, clear, tone-tuned, not creaking, unpleasant or looming; and the midrange as the main part of the music is more important, the vocals and instrumental sounds should be natural, with details. Do not over-sound or muffle, nor too bright or too light, the bass should be broad, airy and prolonged, no screaming or decaying. Shenzhen Bluetooth speaker manufacturers

Resolving power: Listen carefully to hear the details in the music, such as the decline of the voice or piano sound, the hall sound in the concert hall or jazz club. If the low-level details are not clear enough, explain the lack of transparency in the speaker. For a realistic and satisfactory playback effect, the resolution at low levels is critical. This is also the difference between a good speaker and a lame speaker.

Transient response: The speaker should be able to reproduce transients in the music. The sound of a stringing drum or a strong guitar should be strong and sound, and it should not be "surprised" or "impulse" or "slow" and "dull". In addition, the sound of natural decay, such as the "drag" of the voice and voice, should be gradually attenuated but not stopped.

Dynamic category: should be compared to the sound playback conditions at low and high levels of dynamics. Ideally, the speakers should be able to be continuously replayed from the lowest sound to the strongest orchestral field, without the secluded part being inaudible or in a very loud passage.

Sound image localization and sound field (stereo): Listen to the positioning of the sound image. Note that instrumental music or vocals can be sent from the sound field of the space. The precondition is that the speaker has the correct position in the room. You can find some monophonic sound recordings to audition, and you can also focus on other performances of the speakers. The sound image-located speakers will “disappear” in the sound field, so that the listener basically does not feel that the beautiful music is from the front pair of speakers. The music is coming from the face, and the songwriter seems to be standing in front. Somewhere in the middle position, it is screaming.

Scattering features: Go to different locations in the room to listen. You can sit and stand to check the sound scattering in the vertical plane. At this point, the bass you hear must be very different. Some of the "Emperor's" are limited to a very narrow range, while some speakers provide good sound image localization in a wide range.

Third, acoustic dyeing

Some speakers have the disadvantage of "sounding" or sound reproduction, and they are imposed on the replayed music. Such as the reverse ear sound, metal bass sound, rough or unsmooth midrange, etc. due to poor design of the cabinet. If you can hear such a sound regardless of which recording is played, then you can be sure that the speaker has added its inherent sound to the top of the playback music. Usually, it is better to miss some sounds during playback than to add some sounds that are not in the music. Some speakers intentionally increase the sound of the sound, such as aggravating some of the bass components and making the bass brighter, although at first glance, such speakers seem to be good, but after a long time listening, they will feel bored and even exhausted, such speakers will not Worth buying.

Fourth, the speaker's sound environment

If you listen to the speakers in an improperly placed audio store, you will most likely hear the full performance of the speakers, because the placement of the speakers in the room is very important, even if you move the speakers a few centimeters forward or backward, This will cause a large change in the low frequency response of the speaker. When you place the speakers in a room that enhances or weakens the bass, the tone balance changes, or you can hear rich bass or no bass. Moreover, the speaker is not properly placed, and the sound of the sound image localization should not be available. It is not unfortunate that some audio stores have to place the speakers in rows and rows on the wall because of the small size of the store, so that the performance of the speakers cannot be fully utilized. What's more, even if the speakers are placed correctly in the store, they are still quite different from the listening environment in their home. Therefore, you should find the proper placement position for the speaker at home, so that the speaker can fully exert its power and show its ability. If you negotiate beforehand, you can move the speaker home to try and listen before you buy it. It is suitable to stay. If it is not suitable, return it or change it again. It is best.

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