What Is A Bluetooth Module

- May 23, 2018-

                            What is a Bluetooth module?

From the written explanation, it is composed of chips, PCB boards, and peripheral devices. According to manufacturers, it can be divided into BroadCom Bluetooth module, Dell Bluetooth module, CSR Bluetooth module, etc. The best Bluetooth module at present is CSR. The reason is that it has a strong compatibility, and after completing the connection with the mobile device, its stability performance is also the most powerful, so the speaker using CSR Bluetooth module performance is more stable.

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And many low-cost bluetooth modules that cheap Bluetooth speakers use will not only generate more heat, but they are also less reliable in connection stability, which is why we are using particularly inexpensive Bluetooth speakers. , it will be easily disturbed and the reason for the signal interruption.

In addition to the Bluetooth module, the Bluetooth version used by the speakers is also very important. To achieve better connection and sound performance, you must choose a higher Bluetooth version. Currently, Bluetooth 4.0 and 4.1 are more mainstream. These two versions have the advantages of low power consumption, stable signal transmission, fast connection speed, and good anti-interference ability. They can also be used for multiple connections and long transmission distances.

Another notable feature is the NFC One Touch feature, which allows non-contact point-to-point connections between electronic devices. In the Bluetooth speaker, NFC is a fast connection mode for Bluetooth. We all know that when Bluetooth speakers are paired with a mobile phone, they must first turn on the Bluetooth-search device-connection. However, using NFC for pairing does not require these steps. It is only necessary to connect mobile phones and speakers. The NFC area on the floppy can be paired with a touch, which is very convenient. Therefore, when purchasing Bluetooth speakers, you can also pay attention to the NFC function.

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