Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Via Gesture Control

- Sep 11, 2015-

Wistao science and technology will be a very innovative wireless Bluetooth speaker products - gesture operation of the wireless Bluetooth speakers.

This sensor is a relatively popular in recent years, its performance is stable, the real energy saving and environmental protection, it is through the human body to trigger a way to trigger the radiation and continuous trigger related devices.

Its working principle is through changes in the human body infrared spectroscopy, the sensor can load is automatically switched, hand induction directly trigger player control, because of the difference on the sound and light control, do not need to sound and switch control, so as to avoid the intrusion of voice noise, at the same time, because it is the body heat sensing control switch, so to avoid the invalid electrical energy loss, energy-saving effect is achieved. The reason to consider the use of gestures, the main consideration is to avoid the traditional physical buttons may be the key to the circuit damage resulting in its failure, more important is that such an operation makes the use of the process of the product more full of fun. For wireless

Bluetooth speakers with outdoor sports experience, gestures can also avoid many of the errors due to various special circumstances caused by misuse. Because of the precise infrared sensor can be the hand movements and the heat generated by the accurate collection and positioning of the heat, the effective way to lead and control the Bluetooth device.

In addition to the previously mentioned portable wireless Bluetooth speaker SHOQBOX, the domestic manufacturers have also been a gesture control of the wireless Bluetooth speakers, the portable wireless Bluetooth speakers, through the speakers of the top of the infrared sensor, it is also achieved gestures to achieve pause playback, music forward and backward function.

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