Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Without Losing The Taste.

- May 10, 2017-

Wireless Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth technology mature, Bluetooth wireless speakers gradually began to replace the traditional audio system home audio equipment, one of the most important members. Today Xiaobian to bring you to experience is to rely on the quality of good reputation of the Internet giant company - product wins, produced this portable wireless Bluetooth speaker MINI type.

Packaging, as always, simple and generous, but without losing taste. Since this year, the product of the new products are mostly used in this box, compared to the previous plastic packaging is indeed a lot of high-end.

Wireless Bluetooth speaker staff to mention a little bit of advice it.

1. Although the Bluetooth mode is the most mainstream connection mode, but the Bluetooth connection for mobile phones more cost, product wins can be considered to join the TF card slot, increase the memory card playback mode;

2. external sound source playback mode or often used, product wins can be considered in the product comes with an AUX audio cable, when it is to the fans of the benefits of chanting;

3. with the indicator light shows different playback mode sometimes appear more chaotic, it is recommended to add voice prompts;

4. This wireless Bluetooth audio is very small, Xiao Bian's understanding is mainly used for outdoor use, taking into account the design of portability, so it is not too harsh sound quality. But the product can be considered to design another wireless Bluetooth audio, the main use of the family indoor, the volume is not too small, put the low-frequency sound up, it should be very promising.

Wireless wireless Bluetooth speakers The most basic feature is the sound signal of the wireless transmission mode, the sound signal through the carrier mode only the use of air this media is sent out by the receiving end of the process known as the wireless wireless Bluetooth speaker wireless transmission

The essence of wireless Bluetooth speakers is through the means of electronic signal transmission through the wireless Bluetooth speakers to make long-distance people receive the information process. The wireless wireless Bluetooth speakers follow this essence while using science to enrich the signal transmission means, through the electromagnetic wave signal transmission and through the light transmission two modes. Wireless wireless Bluetooth speakers use independent lithium battery supply mode, the general launch part of the small, easy to carry, and more for the application of education.

In the construction of wireless wireless Bluetooth speakers, vulnerable to the transmitter part and the host part of the amplifier.

Transmitters in addition to the need for regular battery charging, the personal custody is also very important, and the amplifier is easy to be repeated power burned, so cut off the power or power standby function in daily use is very necessary.

Although the super-gravitational magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker has a strong suction ability, but if it is considered super-gravity magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers only have their own table, it may be wrong. In fact, the reason why the use of this floating design, the most fundamental reason is that this way to avoid the traditional Bluetooth speakers as a result of the sound cavity structure placed inside the fuselage as a whole, resulting in displacement, sound loss and resonance problems , In order to achieve the true sense of the 0 resonant loss of sound quality.

From this point of view, it is in order to achieve this experience, super-gravity magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers have this design, and this experience to drive all the R & D philosophy, in fact, is to promote the technology industry has been booming momentum.

In actual use, the bass noise, midrange stability, treble clear, plus zero resonance panoramic sound effects, can provide users with 360 degrees immersive music enjoyment, not only for geeks players, more able to meet a large number of enthusiasts Harsh requirements.

Ultra-gravitational magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers are developed and produced by the five-dimensional X-generation platform, and in its official definition, it is directed to a stylish light smart product. In the experience, the super-gravitational magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker so-called light intelligence, in fact, can be understood as just the right of the intelligent, in fact, in the current variety of products want to climb with the relationship between intelligence, and thus sell a better price of the atmosphere, Gravitational magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers on the degree of intelligence to give up not only reflects its focus on the product, but also reflects the attitude behind the team - do their own work in the experience of the first point of view to provide appropriate intelligent services and needs, This is perhaps the most precious.

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